The Clay Series

One Pot…Three Women…Eight-Hundred Years


The Clay Remembers:  Available at Amazon, B&NKobo, Smashwords, and Antigone Books and Mostly Books, Indie bookstores in Tucson, Arizona.

The Clay Endures: Available at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, and at Antigone Books and Mostly Books, Indie bookstores in Tucson, Arizona.

The Clay Sustains: Available July 30, 2017.


Author: Sharon

**Writing, both personal and professional, has always been an important aspect of my life. **Personally, whether I write from experience or invent fictional characters, I learn so much about myself. Writing has always helped me understand and deal with important events and issues in my life. The blog, "Boxelders and Blackberries" serves this purpose. **My "gravatar" is a boxelder tree, which I hope provides a way to bring together my personal and professional writing. The boxelder tree branches into multiple trunks, each representing a different direction my life and career has taken.

5 thoughts on “The Clay Series”

    1. So sorry for my VERY belated reply. I’m supposed to get an email about comments, but it didn’t come or I missed it somehow. I just posted about the forthcoming release of Book 2. Read it here. Thanks for your kind words about The Clay Remembers.


    2. Thank you and my sincere apologies for not responding before now. I have been working so hard to get The Clay Endures finished, I’ve neglected my blog. It’s with the editor now and I’m trying to get caught up on other obligations. I will set up pre-sales on Amazon no later than the middle of July with a release date of July 30. Thanks for reading the first book.


  1. I enjoyed the first two books so much. Can you please tell me an approximate
    publication date on your third book. The books are truly great books. Thank you.


    1. Sorry if I’ve been delinquent in replying–my email address changed and I didn’t get notice of your comment. Thankfully, I’m back. I’m planning to release The Clay Sustains: Book 3 in The Clay Series in July of this year. I’m glad you enjoyed the first two.


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